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Jul 31, 2012

The Black Keys Become Headliners

The Killers. Jack White. The Black Keys.
Considering that the last group on this list joined the other two as headliners of last month’s Firefly Music Festival in Vermont, it’s clear that The Black Keys have risen to the height of rock royalty in a short amount of time.
Since 2002, the group has made a name for itself by building an indie following based off its bluesy sound, but the band’s widespread popularity began in 2010 after the album <i>Brothers</i> reached critical and commercial acclaim.

Riding about three years’ worth of momentum, The Black Keys will visit USAC in the fall.

So now that the band is playing larger venues and headlining music festivals, what can fans expect of this show at USAC?

Even at one of the summer’s music festivals, the stage and show were “stripped down,” according to a review from

Between that and a “bare minimum” approach, as stated in the same review, to audience conversation, it’s obvious the group is still focusing on its music when playing larger venues.

Purchase your tickets for the tour, which arrives in Phoenix on Oct. 9.