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Apr 25, 2013

Reviews for Fleetwood Mac Pouring in

By Ben York
Posted: April 25, 2013

Decades after their first album, Fleetwood Mac continues to inspire countless droves of fans.

In a recent concert review by The Village Voice, Brittany Spanos waxes poetic about the return of the legendary band to the stage.

It begins with "Second Hand News" -- a song with a title and lyrics probably meant to be a self-deprecating nod to the reunion's time and place. It's an entire arena clutching their hearts along to songs that are older than I am and mumbling "angel" with every golden twirl of Stevie Nicks' body.
"This is all your fault," Nicks told the audience at the show's end, joking but stern. She was referring to the collection of moments that led to the very one we were experiencing right then. The dreams the band had become and the dreams the band lived thanks to the audience seeing their own dreams in the band's, or some magical through line similar to that one.

Spanos observed firsthand the heartfelt reaction from the collective audience inside the Prudential Center in New Jersey. No matter where or when you heard your first Fleetwood Mac song, they still connect in a very real way to their growing fan base.

Still, she makes certain that even though the band is a bit older, their unique sound continues to break the mold. 

In a show that was meant to be nothing but highlights, and delivered as such, the moments that catapulted themselves to the forefront were truly surreal. "Big Love," a Buckingham solo, was mesmerizing with the guitarist's impassioned and hypnotic finger-picking. Nicks still has it, and sounded flawless during "Rhiannon" and "Gold Dust Woman" as she wailed away with her signature raspy-but-smooth voice. During the latter, the singer came onstage with a shimmering gold shawl and created the illusion of golden wings as the song faded out.

Perhaps the greatest part about Fleetwood Mac's ability to stay relevant throughout multiple decades has been the way they interact musically with their fans.

Rather, they cleverly convey emotions through their powerful lyrics.. 

At one point during the show, Spanos notes how emotionally charged the band (most notably, Stevie Nicks) gets while performing.

"Landslide" featured a particularly poignant moment: With arms triumphantly outstretched, Nicks gave the most valiant delivery of the famous line "...and I'm getting older too." Fleetwood Mac has experienced an aging that is less comical or just awkward to watch be performed onstage; they've grown naturally in a way that feels wise and most certainly bold.

If this glowing review is any indication, fans in Phoenix are in for quite a treat when Fleetwood Mac stops by on May 30.