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Jan 2, 2013

Rave Reviews for 'Dare to Dream'

By Ben York
Posted: Jan. 2, 2013

Here is a collection of glowing reviews from all areas of the country on Disney On Ice's "Dare to Dream" which makes its debut at US Airways Center on January 9 for nine performances through January 13.

Charlotte Observer

I looked over at my daughter’s faces. They were motionless in wonder at watching the unfolding of some of their favorite Disney movies right before their eyes. At times, they clapped, cheered and jumped out of their seats to pop bubbles from Aerial’s sea.
Kids are the toughest critics in the world, so I asked my daughters at the end of the show what they thought about it. Their responses were “awesome” and “I loved it.” If the kids are happy, then Disney did their job right. I agree with them, the show did not disappoint even for an adult viewer.

The Oklahoman

The show ends with great fanfare and even a few fireworks as the other Disney princesses and their charming princes warmly welcome Rapunzel into their royal family. So, “Dare to Dream” features plenty of animated star power, and every girl in attendance gets the chance to cheer for the princess that best suits her fancy.

PDX Kids Calendar

The show was filled to the brim with the songs we know and love, lots of funny side-kick antics and beautifully choreographed skating routines. The one unexpected twist was that they have added some aerial acrobatics into the Tangled storyline. For me, that was the highlight of the show. Rapunzel and Flynn twirl high over the ice on long golden silk.
It was beautiful to watch and precious to see my daughter’s eyes grow big and her jaw drop as she watched them leave the ice. I heard a little girl behind me whisper, “They’re flying!” It was lovely.

Adventures in Parenting

Very entertaining! Disney does such a super job of bringing its movies to life – which I’m sure is no small feat, since we all know them so well. It would be very easy on Disney’s part to “get it wrong” and force the audience to disconnect from something that seemed unfamiliar. But instead, the characters and the costumes are fantastic,
the set backdrops are as realistic as you could hope for on an ice rink, and the music and dancing draw you right into the show. The skaters are truly talented – full of energy, strength, and grace. I have no idea how they do what they do.

This theme fits well for all three stories in this particular Disney collection as Disney capitalizes on modern adaptations to classic fairy tales. I believe the theme is very important to teaching your princes and princesses on the value of dreaming, hard work, overcoming your fears and accomplishing goals.