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Feb 11, 2013

Pink Covers 'Redbook,' Debuts New Video

By Ben York
Posted: Feb. 11, 2013

On newsstands this week (Feb. 12), a visibly happy Pink graces the cover of Redbook magazine. In the interview, Pink talks about her upcoming tour, how her definition of beauty has changed over the years, and why she's a totally different person since becoming a mother.

On her daughter:

"That first night in the hospital, she was having a complete meltdown, and Carey was out of it. But this nurse came in and she helped me through the whole thing. We sat up and talked all night with my baby in my arms, and it was like my whole life made sense, for the first time, ever."

On self-confidence:

"A girl like me' is someone who doesn't rest on her looks, who has had people tell me from day one, 'You're never going to get magazine covers because you're not pretty enough.' I'm totally comfortable with that. I know my strong points: I work hard, I have talent, I'm funny, and I'm a good person."

On her definition of beauty:

"Beautiful has never been my goal. Joy is my goal — to feel healthy and strong and powerful and useful and engaged and intelligent and in love. It’s about joy. And there's such joy now."

The singer also released a brand new music video for her song, "Just Give Me a Reason." The video and song features Nate Ruess from the band, Fun. "Just Give Me a Reason" is a pop ballad written by both Pink and Ruess, with stunning visuals, lyrics and symbolism. 

Check out the official lyric video above and see pictures from her Redbook magazine photo shoot below.