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Mar 14, 2013

List of Muse's 10 Best Songs

By Ben York
Posted: March 15, 2013

Muse has become one of the most decorated live bands in popular music today.

Hailing from Teignmouth, Devon, the band consists of school friends Matthew Bellamy (lead vocals, lead guitar, piano, keyboards, keytar), Christopher Wolstenholme (bass, vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitar, harmonica) and Dominic Howard (drums, percussion, synthesizers, sampling).

Known for their amazing live performances, their music is a unique combination of multiple genres including space rock, progressive rock, alternative rock, heavy metal, classical music and electronica. The band has released six studio albums: Showbiz (1999), Origin of Symmetry (2001), Absolution (2003), Black Holes and Revelations (2006), The Resistance (2009) and The 2nd Law (2012). 

To get you ready for their show on Saturday, March 16 at US Airways Center, Michael Senft of made a list of the band's 10 best songs

Here's a few songs that made the cut. To see the entire list, click here.

Supermassive Black Hole

The song that made Muse superstars in America. An infectious, radio-ready tune built on a fuzzed guitar and a Prince-like falsetto, the 2006 sort-of title track from "Black Holes and Revelations" gained further attention when it was featured in the movie "Twilight" - the first of three Muse tracks featured in the "Twilight" saga.

Butterflies and Hurricanes

An orchestral piano interlude injects a bit of Rick Wakeman into this, the final single from "Absortion." In truth, this mini epic is mostly keyboards, a notable change from their earlier albums, but the quiet eye of this musical storm shows Muse's musical versatility and diverse influences. 

Stockholm Syndrome

More eclecticism from "Absolution," this metallic rocker is filled with startling changes, from furious guitar riffing to majestic keyboards. One of the first overt prog tunes in Muse's catalog, this tune wouldn't sound out of place on a Mars Volta or Coheed and Cambria album.