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Dec 14, 2012

Lady Gaga 'Most-Followed' in 2012

By Ben York
Posted: Dec. 14, 2012

With 32 million followers on Twitter, and thousands more added every single day, Lady Gaga has utilized the social networking tool to perfection. 

Many celebrities have an unfathomably large social media presence, but Gaga has implemented her brand to increase both her popularity and influence. 

Why? Because she understands that in order to have an effective online presence, there are several key principles that separate user accounts from just being popular into having a major influence on their career.

1. She's honest.

Say what you want about the pop superstar, but there is no denying she will say what's on her mind.

And if being the most-followed person on Twitter in the entire world is any indication, that's something her fans have come to respect and treasure.

For example, Gaga randomly serenaded an entire plane full of people recently...then Tweeted about it.


2. She is genuinely thankful for her fans.

Scrolling through her Twitter page, you'll see dozens of messages to fans every week.

Here's a recent one from a trip across the world.

This was sent in late November of 2012, and received nearly 5,000 Retweets.

Something short, yet genuine, goes a long way towards a sustainable fan-base. 

3. She understands the power of Twitter. 

A simple announcement stating that Gaga would be performing with The Rolling Stones was Retweeted over 8,000 times. 

Perhaps an article from Mediabistro earlier this year on Gaga's massive influence said it best.

And just so you can wrap your head around her social influence, think about this: Lady Gaga has over 75 million Twitter and Facebook followers/fans – a number which could fill the states of Texas, California and New York.