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May 29, 2013

Fleetwood Mac: 'A Classic Evening'

By Ben York
Posted: May 29, 2013 

Multi Grammy-winning and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees, Fleetwood Mac last toured in 2009 with the sold out Unleashed tour. The new tour (making a stop at US Airways Center on May 30) also marks the 35th anniversary of the release of their classic Rumours album (1977), one of the most successful albums in recorded history with sales exceeding 40 million copies.

Rumours planted itself at the top of the pop charts for over 31 weeks and had four top ten singles.

Amazingly, nearly 40 years after the album's release (and 50 years since the band first formed in 1967), they continue to entertain audiences all over the world.

In fact, Mick Fleetwood recently told NPR that while he isn't quite sure how they continue at their pace, he isn't about to question it.

"We seem to have a band of angels up there organizing what we do down here. ... I don't know; maybe people think we're never gonna do this again, or we're all gonna drop dead or something," Fleetwood says. "But on a positive note, I think it's indicative of Fleetwood Mac's extremely interesting story — that just when you think it's sort of going into a ditch, it comes out the other side."

To be fair, they do more than simply "come out the other side." Their demand has never been higher and the band is earning rave reviews for their latest tour -- to the point of some saying they've never sounded better.

Take this review from Las Vegas Weekly for example: 

Musically, the band was in top form, and Buckingham’s intricate guitar-playing was a particular highlight. The set list made room for a few deep cuts alongside the expected popular songs, and even the new “Sad Angel” (from the band’s recent EP) fit well with the classics. 

Searching through tweets of people who attended their recent shows, several mentioned they became teary-eyed after the band's closing duet of “Say Goodbye.”

The best part? According to Mick Fleetwood, they aren't going anywhere.

This is not a farewell tour. Not even close.
"No. We're just bowled over that something is showing itself in this funny, mysterious way — hence me talking about this bunch of angels up there, organizing what we do. I'm thinking they're very busy planning something into the future for Fleetwood Mac."