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Apr 2, 2013

Disney On Ice: Treasure Trove Reviews

By Ben York
Posted: April 2, 2013

Sometimes the best places to find honest reviews of a particular concert or event come from the blogosphere.

Why? They're real. Genuine. Sincere. 

Below, we spent a few minutes gathering reviews for Disney On Ice presents Treasure Trove coming to US Airways Center from April 11-14. The reviews come from individual, family-themed blogs located all over the United States.  

Amazingly, each review has one thing in common - they absolutely loved the show.  

My Springfield Mommy

My family and I attended the opening night show last night and as with all of the previous productions we have seen that have been put on by Feld Entertainment we were not disappointed. I don't want to give too much away so that you and your kids will be surprised, but some characters make an appearance in this show that I don't recall seeing for quite some time and some I have not seen in a show before. 

Rochester: Kids Out and About

Am I an incredible Disney sap, or did they just put on a fantastic show? I do believe it was some of both. This show is definitely more fun if you know the stories and can sing along. I have been to Disney World, and there is no question that this was liking stepping into Disney World—without, of course, the rides. The audience—old and young alike—is immersed in songs, characters, action and emotion. I'm so glad I had an excuse to experience it for myself! In my opinion, it was an affordable way for families to experience a piece of Disney magic without the trip to Disney itself.

Everything's Abuzz

There’s nothing quite like a live performance. The ice skating was good, the performers entertaining, the costumes and scenery exciting, and seeing your favorite characters come to life is an experience the children won’t soon forget. Overall, Treasure Trove was magical, enjoyed by all of us and was a great way to spend time together as a family.

Critters and Crayons

Absolutely every part of the show was full of unexpected details: glittery pixie dust, fireworks, flights through the air, gorgeous lighting, amazing props and stages, spectacular costumes, brilliant special effects, and beautiful, breath-taking skating and dancing choreography.
If you haven’t purchased tickets to the show yet, you really should.

Free Is My Life

On Wednesday night, my son and I had the pleasure of being at the Palace of Auburn Hills for opening night of the newest "Disney On Ice Presents" show called "Treasure Trove". Since we have seen many great Disney On Ice Shows over the last few years, I really did fear that "Treasure Trove" might be just a rehashing of previous Disney On Ice shows. But I am happy to report that "Treasure Trove" is a totally new, wonderful show that had the entire audience laughing, clapping and singing for the entire performance. 

Saratoga Momma

Disney On Ice shows are so visually appealing with gorgeous costumes, many scene changes, characters coming to life all over the ice, and of course music! You didn’t always know where to look because there was action all over. That said, there were some beautifully choreographed dancing duets with Simba and Nala from The Lion King, Princess Jasmine and Aladdin, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, to name a few. 

Click on the video above to see a preview of the show!