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1966: Neil Diamond on American Bandstand

Aug 27, 2012

Diamond's Appeal Remains the Same

By Aaron Seidlitz,

As the Cleveland Plain-Dealer pointed out in its recent review of a Neil Diamond concert, whether it’s a younger generation, that generation’s parents or even its grandparents, the reason to come see the singer when he comes to US Airways Center on Wednesday night remains the same.

Diamond’s appeal still lies in the hits that crowds go crazy over, as evidenced by the reaction to the artist’s recent show in Cleveland.

From his early days – like the above interview with Dick Clark on America Bandstand in 1966 – to the present, it’s the songs like “Sweet Caroline” and “Forever in Blue Jeans” that keep people coming back for more.

Diamond will make his seventh all-time appearance at US Airways Center on Wednesday night, Aug. 29. Get your tickets to see the legend live now!