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Feb 19, 2013

Guest Concert Review: Pink

Guest Review by Jessica Phillips 
Posted: Feb. 19, 2013

With an unbelievable demonstration of Olympian-like strength and breath-taking vocal performances, pop/rock star Pink nailed her first show of the Truth About Love Tour at the US Airways Center in Phoenix last week.

If you were somewhat of a fair-weather fan and you were at this show, Pink made you a believer. Her performance was so impressive; there were a few moments that I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

Some people are considered to be “triple threats” or a jack-of-all trades; Pink showed us there is nothing she cannot do. She sang, danced, flipped, soared, played instruments and displayed uncanny athletic abilities. She stunned the audience by soaring high over the crowd on bungee cords, preforming circus-like acrobatics while still giving a phenomenal vocal performance at the same time!

The set design and light shows were absolutely incredible as well. She interacted with the audience throughout her performances, which revealed her love and appreciation for her fans. She would often take presents from fans in the audience, including roses and hats, personally thanking them and then incorporating the presents into her songs. At one point, she even put on a green frog-shaped beanie given to her by a fan while preforming a ballad in a ballroom gown, which was quite comical.

Might I add - she has one of the best live voices I have ever heard. She really sang her heart out; her voice was authentic and phenomenal. Her “Family Portrait” ballad had me in tears, and I felt as if she was singing it directly to me.

Throughout the show she maintained a certain cool demeanor that really reflected the humor and realness she possesses. But the real jaw-dropper was when she flew over the audience -- suspended by bungee cords -- flying throughout most of the arena, if not all of it.

My seats were more toward the back, and I was recording her bungee/flying performance on my phone, but then realized the camera had lost her. I couldn’t find her up on stage or around the front of the arena because she was literally hanging directly in front of us! She was so close I could see the detail on her dress. I really got an opportunity to see how beautiful she truly is. This created so much excitement for the people sitting up high who never thought they would get to see their favorite artist up close -- and then they did!

This show was really something special. I give it 10 out of 10! It was absolutely amazing! I would definitely recommend going to see this show for yourself, so you also can see the pure talent that Pink has to offer.