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Mar 11, 2013

Clapton's 'Old Sock' Gets Rave Reviews

By Ben York
Posted: March 11, 2013

Due out March 12, Clapton's brand new album Old Sock will be released just two days before the legend opens his spring tour at US Airways Center. 

While the album is mostly filled with Clapton's take on classic rock and blues songs, there are two new songs by Clapton himself entitled "Gotta Get Over" and "Every Little Thing." The album will also feature several guests including Steve Winwood (on organ for "Still Got the Blues"), JJ Cale (lending his vocals to "Angel") and Paul McCartney (who plays bass on "All of Me").

Here is a collection of reviews on the album thus far: 

Huffington Post

Imagine a jam session at Eric Clapton's house. He's not likely to trot out "Layla" for the 3,478th time. Instead, he and pals with names like Paul McCartney, Chaka Khan and Steve Winwood would probably deep dive into a tasty bag of cover tunes that inspires and delights them.

Something Else Reviews

There’s something new in Clapton’s genteel embrace of standards like Jerome Kern’s “The Folks Who Live on the Hill” and Gershwin’s “Our Love Is Here to Stay,” which very much recall his contemporary Paul McCartney’s throwback successes from 2012′s Kisses on the Bottom. Careful liner-note readers will recall that album also featured Clapton on one track, and McCartney returns the favor by joining in on a saucy and ingratiating “All of Me.”
More particularly, the guitarist Clapton has become, beginning with his late-1990s effort Pilgrim, a vastly improved vocalist. No matter the material, Clapton’s new-found commitment to conveying a lyric remains the most interesting thing about his more recent recordings — and Old Sock is no different.

Premier Guitar

The most “Claptonian” track is “Gotta Get Over.” From the opening Dominos-inspired riff to the gospel-influenced chorus, this is when Clapton really shines. He not only rips out a solo but also plays some of the tastiest fills this side of the Cook County Jail.

The Augusta Chronicle

Old Sock features three sweet “standards” from the 1930s that perfectly showcase Clapton’s understated vocal stylings. The Folks That Love Me (Peggy Lee), All of Me (Frank Sinatra) and George and Ira Gershwins’ Love is Here to Stay were likely favorites from Clapton’s childhood in England.
Clapton fans wanting a taste of his vintage work will enjoy his take on the late Gary Moore’s Still Got the Blues that simmers steadily into a irresistible groove just like the original. The first single, Gotta Get Over, harkens back to the old days as well.
Some fine musicians including JJ Cale, Chaka Khan, Steve Winwood, and Paul McCartney make cameo appearances on the disc. Clapton’s primary band ain’t too shabby either, with veterans Willie Weeks (bass), Steve Gadd (drums) and Chris Stainton (keys) comprising one of the best core groups money … and talent … can buy.

100% Rock Magazine

“Every Little Thing” is the second and final Clapton original on this disc. This doesn’t have that big EC sound to it, but it is definitely Clapton on top of his game. The guitars are spot on and the vocals, dripping with emotion, assist in the storytelling on this track. This song fits so well among the other tracks recorded for this disc. “Our Love Is Here To Stay” closes the disc in great fashion. This mellow track winds us down before letting us ponder after listening to this great disc, the future, musically speaking, truly is in the past.